Imagine an urban kitchen. Open and large, flexible and mobile. Inspired by a bit from here and a little from there, spiced-up, absorbing flavor from every corner. Picture New York City and Tel-Aviv. Buildings and bridges, rivers and sea. Two huge cities cooking together, tasting the food together. Imagine the street noise, the bright signs and graffiti on the walls. Giraffe is the fusion of all these. It draws its inspiration from east and west, from Asia and America, and perfectly adapts it to Israel. The food is alive and kicking, the hand is steady but free of limitations, with one objective in mind - to make delicious food. This is our city, and yours. Come, take a bite.

Hand-made, fresh, directly from our hands. Our famous gyoza, eggroll, dim sum, and noodles. Every sauce and every bite is taken seriously and made with a smile. There is no fast-forward, no skipping, there are no shortcuts or rounding corners. What we do have is meticulousness when it comes to raw ingredients, a constant effort to improve, even when no improvement is needed, and quality. Giraffe is not a production line and not a factory. Giraffe is a home, and food always tastes great at home.

The starting point of Giraffe was a Tel-Aviv noodles bar accessible to those hungry people rushing through the central Iben Gvirol Street. The trio of speed-accessibility-taste lured them all in. Another trio - a large, deep bowl, fresh noodles, and chopsticks with which to slurp it all in - kept them coming back again & again. Picking up noodles from a plate is part art part skills and making sure they taste amazing is mostly about essence and intention. Giraffe’s Essence.

A quick lunch in the middle of a workday, or a family dinner? Hungry friends meeting up for a drink and snack or on a date? Giraffe will cater for it all. Because Giraffe is both an energetic urban beast and a pit stop on the freeway, both an ecstasy and a break. It can bring together highbrow and lowbrow, designed and tasty, the introspective critical diner and the one who gobbles down the food. In the end, the food will make sure to connect them. Experience, Taste, Giraffe

Which one are you? The Spicy Filipino or The New Caesarian? The Malaysian or Chaaza? Szechuan Sirloin or Gyoza? We each have a different association when we hear the word Giraffe, and we all start salivating when the names of these iconic dishes are thrown around. Like any good game of associations, Giraffe provides endless possibilities.Sometimes you are a Chaaza and sometimes The New Caesarian, sometimes you crave this and at the sometime that. Each one and their unforgettable dish, each one and their iconic taste, and it is all Giraffe